Domestic Oil is our Insurance Policy

Screen capture from "The Oil doesn't flow anymore"Domestic oil is our nation’s insurance policy in a volatile world. WWII was fought for oil. Japan entered WWII as a result of the loss of access to oil, Germany was defeated in WWII when it lost control of Northern African oil, and the Texas oil boom in the 1940 helped the US win WWII.  History has a tendency to repeat itself. World demand for oil and its byproducts is increasing while much of the rest of the world’s access to oil is declining. Countries like China are staking claim to territories such as remote islands in the South China Sea which hold the promise of oil as well as forging imperialist partnerships with rogue states like Iran to secure access to oil, all while using money from exports to America to invest heavily in building up its military, which it can use to defend and secure new oil sources.  It is time to wake up and realize that access to domestic oil production is vital to our nation’s ability to survive.

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    Here is another source on the China build up if you were not yet convinced.

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