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Honey House Productions, a division KSI Oil and Gas LLC, is an Investment Adviser firm that helps investors understand if they might benefit from investing in direct participation oil and gas programs as well as helping investors learn about this often overlooked asset class.   Take me to the website now.

At Honey House Productions we have developed a series of documentary style videos that explore key aspects of oil and gas investing.  The target-audience for the products are investors who span the knowledge spectrum from zero knowledge of the oil and gas industry to oil field experts.  The program looks at commonly asked questions such as “Where do you find Oil and Gas” to “How long and how fast do wells produce and what effect’s their production”.  Streaming video answers to these questions run from a few minutes to over twenty minutes in length depending upon the subject and includes commentary from experts in the field.    Our experts run the gambit from an oil and gas tax CPA, Geologists with the Geological Survey and noted college and university geology professors, as well as oil field workers describing various tasks they perform in the field.

Here is what one investor had to say about this amazing product:

Toni, Investor

…Having access to the videos has made me a better investor. I am much more confident about investing in oil and gas programs after watching the videos…

Honey House Productions offers various packages and pricing options depending upon the investors needs to.

See if investing in oil and gas is right for you by checking out our website.

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