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At Honey House Productions we have developed over 2.5 hours of documentary style footage that explores every aspect of oil and gas direct participation investing. The program looks at 20 commonly asked questions from “Why invest in oil and gas direct participation programs” to “Why should I invest in direct participation deals vs. buying stock in public energy companies like Exxon/Mobile, Conoco/Phillips, etc.”.

Here is what others have said about this amazing product:

Toni, Investor

…Having access to the videos has made me a better investor. I am much more confident about investing in oil and gas programs after watching the videos…

Craig, Broker/Dealer Salesman

…The subject matter of the videos allows me to spend more time discussing the actual prospect with prospective investors vs spending time covering basic information about oil and gas investing such as tax benefits, types of offerings  and  some of the different ways we determine where we drill for oil which improves my efficiency and conversions rate during the sales process...”

…The videos also educate potential investors on   how to perform their proper due diligence on the companies that provide the offering to ensure investors choose the right company and a safe place for their investment dollars…

Justin E&P Company Owner

…The more our investors know about the industry the more likely the are to invest and the more money we can raise…

The goal of our the product is to provide E&P companies and/or their Broker Dealer organizations with a tool to educate potential investors and enable them to take the plunge into direct participation deals as well as improve the education of existing investors so they are inclined to invest even more money in new programs.

We offer several packages and pricing options one of which will surely meet your needs.

If the idea of this tool as piqued your interest we would be more then happy to develop a demo page so you can see for yourself how this product can transform your marketing efforts. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, if you are not absolutely blown away by the product you pay nothing. Contact us for a free trial. What do you have to lose?    To set up a free web-based product demo to review the video content and see how we can customize this product to your business Click Here to request your free demo us or visit our product page on our website

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