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I am an investor in  Oil & Gas programs and a Financial Adviser.  I am also business counselor with SCORE and the Small Business Development Center.  In my role of business counselor I tell my clients they need to remain aware of how current events may effect their business.  As a Financial Adviser the same can be said for your investments.


This blog is intended to be a dialog that looks at current events and how they may apply to an investment in domestic oil and gas programs.


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  1. Rose says:


    I’d like to share a project with you and see if maybe you or anyone esle would be interested in the project;

    1. East Texas, 20 miles from Louisiana, 900 Acres, Well #1 has been capped due to the need for a gas tap & replacing of two old pipes. 10 Units have been made available Units at $48,000. The logging shows about 1,800,000-2,000,00 of cubit feet gas (wet gas) & 3-40 barrels of Oil. Logging and all paperwork is available for investors to look at, we can put an additional 20 wells on that acreage. The investor would own in the mineral rights & in the well.


    • Rose says:

      30-40 Barrels of oil

    • Admin says:


      My email is steve@buyoilvideos.com. I’m accredited by net worth just for the record. While I am an investor in oil and gas programs and may be interested in your program I would also like to make you aware of a product we offer that I’m sure you and your company would be very interested in know more about. First let me say that I am the worlds foremost expert on educating investors in oil and gas direct participation programs. Further I am and SEC registered Internet Investment Advisor and the content of my product; which educates investors about investing in oil and gas direct participation programs, has been reviewed by SEC lawyers and shown to comply with SEC rules.

      That said my clients that use my product have said that their sales people like I assume you are spent less time educating investors on the benefits direct participation oil deals while it builds up the investor’s trust factor with their company. Further they have shorten their sales cycle, improved their conversion rates and say it even helped them achieve higher investment levels from investors. If I told you that you and you company could take advantage of all power for less then $700 guaranteed or your money back, would you interested. I suggest you look at http://www.BuyOilVideos.com to sign up for a free no obligation free trial so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.


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